We support people to do the extraordinary everyday.

Through more than many years of providing innovative solutions that improve health and quality of life for those in need of hospice care services, Los Angeles Hospice Care has established itself as one of the most experienced companies in the industry. Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our industry.


We are proud of our compassionate hospice care program designed to help your family.

LA Hospice Care

LA Hospice Care services spans the Los Angeles area, including the counties of Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles. Our staff is multi-cultural and speaks many –if not most – of the languages prevalent in Southern California.

Our care manager comes to you. we assess your needs and answer any questions you have, because learning about you allows us to set up a perfect…Los Angeles Hospice Care puts relationships first to support those giving care & to protect the dignity of those receiving it.

Our mission and vision

LA Hospice Care is committed to providing high-quality hospice care services to individual clients and their families, as well as to other healthcare organizations in need of it.

Our priority is to provide state-of-the-art and compassionate hospice care from highly-trained medical professionals and aides. To make good on this promise, proper training is paramount. Not only do we hire the most experienced personnel, but we provide them with in-depth disease-specific training so that they can deliver specialized care to our clients.

At LAHC, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live peacefully This ethos is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide everyone we support with the opportunity to continue to live life to the full. Our highly skilled and trained nurses provide companion care to seniors with a variety of resources.


Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime of the day or night. We will be here to help you with all your questions and hospice care needs.